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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I wish someone would invent Idiot-B-Gone

Should we be watching less TV? Probably. But going around and turning off TVs in public places you believe shouldn't have TVs is going too far.

From today, a group of anti-TV guerrillas, as scathing as the poet about the influence of the small screen on society, plans to liberate people from its irresistible grip. They will be using a recently launched gizmo called TV-B-Gone to take direct action against television sets in public places.

The glorified remote control, about the size of a key ring, will switch off most television sets within a 45ft radius within 60 seconds.

The device will form the focus of TV-Turnoff Week, an annual protest against television's all-pervasive influence, which began in the US 11 years ago. Organised by the TV-Turnoff Network, White Dot and anti-consumerism group AdBusters, the protest has steadily spread to other countries including Canada and the UK.

The protesters plan to identify restaurants, pubs, bars and other public places they believe are ruined by the presence of a television.

They will then pay each one a visit and forcibly turn off their sets, leaving behind spoof menus and posters protesting about how the background hum of the television has replaced the art of conversation.
That may be so, but acting like fascists won't win over any new converts. I wouldn't appreciate some holier-than-thou activist coming in to my pub and turning off the TV I'm watching the footy or the cricket on. In fact, that could lead to said activist being thrown out of the pub on his arse.