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Monday, May 09, 2005

Did they have a coupon?

Apparently all you need to end a prison siege is 15 pizzas:

A late-night pizza delivery brought an end to a siege in Hobart's Risdon Prison, where inmates had held a number of prisoners and a prison warder captive for about 40 hours.

All captives have since been released unharmed, Tasmanian Prisons Director Graeme Barber said at an 11am press conference today.

Mr Barber agreed to a list of demands by the inmates, which included providing more job opportunities inside the overcrowded prison.

There would also be possible increases in prisoner pay, he said.

But the final sticking point in negotiations between police and inmates last night was the delivery of pizzas to a group of inmates who were occupying the jail's reception centre.

After the release of the prison officer about midnight, 15 pizzas were delivered to the inmates.

"Our staff member was negotiated out by the delivery of 15 pizzas," said Mr Barber.

I hope they enjoyed them because these prisoners will be spending more time behind bars:
Mr Barber expected criminal charges to be laid against inmates involved in the stand-off. Disciplinary action would follow against some inmates.