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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Shut up, Nettle.

Advocates for the terrorist scumbags holding Australian citizen, Douglas Wood hostage have gathered in Sydney:

A small band of protesters has gathered outside the Prime Minister's Sydney office to call for the release of Australian hostage Douglas Wood and the withdrawal of Australian troops from Iraq.

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle says John Howard is not listening to his constituents.

Senator Nettle says Australians want to see Douglas Wood safe and Australian troops brought home.

"John Howard said yesterday he is taking personal responsibility, well that's right," she said.

"He got us into this mess and he needs to think seriously about the decision he has made that are putting the life of this Australian citizen, Douglas Wood in threat and in danger."

I didn't realise that John Howard's constituents included the fucktards that kidnap people and videotape their beheadings.

Senator Nettle, the reason Douglas Wood is "in threat and in danger" is because leftist anti-Americans like you act as appeasing shills for these murdering dipshits and get airtime and column inches expounding the same demands as the Islamist/Ba'athist fuckwits.