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Monday, May 02, 2005

This post proudly brought to you by Jim Beam.

First nominee in the "Get A Life and Leave Us Alone" awards is the Australian Drug Foundation.

EVEN before this year's Logies awards, the AFL version of The Footy Show is a winner - although it is probably not the type of gong it covets.
The Melbourne-based show has been named this year's winner of the annual Boozie Award conferred by the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF).

The ADF presents the Boozies at Logies time to an Australian-produced show which demonstrates excessive, inappropriate or unconscionable marketing of alcohol.
The Channel 9 program won the award for its 2005 season sponsorship by Jim Beam bourbon.

The sponsorship ensures bottles of Jim Beam are prominently displayed in most shots and the drink is regularly mentioned.

The director of the Community Alcohol Action Network at the ADF, Geoff Munro, highlighted the second show of the current season which featured "skolling" by co-host John "Sam" Newman.

"When Sam Newman skolled Jim Beam to the cheers of the live audience and pretended to be drunk it encouraged the audience to regard binge drinking as fun," Mr Munro said.

I'm sure that when people do binge drink, Sam Newman is not the reason (or at least the reason proffered by Mr Munro. Sam Newman is a bit of a tool.).

Surely, there are more important drug issues the Australian Drug Foundation should be dealing with.