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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Douglas Wood Free

Some great news:

AUSTRALIAN hostage Douglas Wood has been dramatically freed in a raid on his captors' Baghdad hideout by Iraqi military forces, who took several militants captive.

The 63-year-old US-based engineer was recovering last night in hospital, almost 50 days after being kidnapped in Baghdad by a radical Islamic group.

Mr Wood was delivered into the hands of Australia's emergency response team in Baghdad yesterday afternoon (Australian time) inside the city's secure Green Zone before undergoing a full medical examination.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer told ABC TV that a number of people had been detained as a result of the military operation, which was aided by US units.

He could not confirm whether there had been any loss of life.

John Howard told parliament shortly after 6.45pm that "Mr Wood was recovered a short while ago in Baghdad in a military operation that I am told was conducted by Iraqi forces in co-operation in a general way with force elements of the United States".
In Douglas' own words:
"I wasn't sure what was happening," Mr Wood said.

"The first thing is there was a bit of shooting outside, then they came and covered me over with a blanket.

"And then there was still a lot of yelling and screaming. And then a gun, they actually fired inside the room.

"That was a bit scary."
I would like to thank the Iraqi government, the Iraqi and US armies and Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali in their efforts to free Douglas Wood.